The idea of solid matter is an illusion. Everything is vibrating particles. Thoughts, emotions, light or glas. All is one.

A new life and a grisly murder.

What should have been, but never was.

Conscience or career?

The story of a family that changes its life radically and comes together in a new way.

An ambitious and delirious mind-game across all genres.

Not for the faint-hearted.

A story of grief, being alone, moving on and acceptance.

Where would our culture be if nobody took the risk of coming across as pretentious?

One mistake saved their lives.

How much time do you have left?

More soulful than Dan Brown, more suspenseful than most mystery thrillers.

Iceland 1949. 500 young German woman set out to a country most of them had never heard of.

What does it mean to be a freak? Do we live in a time of monstrosity?

The start of a new series.

From Kremlin Flyer Rust to the assassination of Rabin and the party donations scandal around Helmut Kohl.

A macabre and convincing read.

Liked 'The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared'?

Or goal here is for everything to change, for the past to become the future.

An atmospheric, tense psychological thriller

How susceptible to blackmail are our political and financial institutions in an era of a crumbling global economy?