A journey through the practice of literary translation.

The basis of a major TV mini-series by Constantin Film.

Sense and Sensuality.

We've had a visit from elsewhere – from where no one knows.

Memory is a space where lost things are pieced together.

The fate of the world is inextricably tied to the emancipation of women.

'Essay': writing form or attempt?

Are you sure you would have followed your moral compass?

In the precarity of modern urban living, what is it you can really count on? A psychogeographical and utopian project.

Ildar Dadin was the first to be convicted for peaceful protest under the new Russian limited right to assemble.

Gender equality from a man's perspective.

You have two bodies. One is where you are, the other one is all over the place.

Join the ride.

Meet the German Edward Snowden of 1943.

A modern rural portrait of society against the background of late summer Mecklenburg, East Germany.

An ambitious and delirious mind-game across all genres.

A story of grief, being alone, moving on and acceptance.

Where would our culture be if nobody took the risk of coming across as pretentious?

How much time do you have left?

What does it mean to be a freak? Do we live in a time of monstrosity?

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