The healing effect of trees.

An overwhelmingly powerful novel – a story of genius, misguided love, and of a world bracing itself against collapse.

Was it suicide?

Join the ride.

Meet the German Edward Snowden of 1943.

Meet Geraldine Steel and Ian Paterson together. A game-changing case.

A modern rural portrait of society against the background of late summer Mecklenburg, East Germany.

Religion is the new taboo.

The idea of solid matter is an illusion. Everything is vibrating particles. Thoughts, emotions, light or glas. All is one.

A new life and a grisly murder.

Subordinating everything to the illusory guile of money and power. This is what will happen.

What should have been, but never was.

Clothing and furniture have a habit of abruptly multiplying during clear-outs.

Conscience or career?

Growing up in the Weimar Republic.

The story of a family that changes its life radically and comes together in a new way.

An ambitious and delirious mind-game across all genres.

Not for the faint-hearted.

A story of grief, being alone, moving on and acceptance.

Where would our culture be if nobody took the risk of coming across as pretentious?

One mistake saved their lives.