A series of essays prompted by a single sentence exploring style, voice, and language, along with the subjectivity of reading.

Jacinda Ardern. The definite biography.

Now or never, they said to themselves - and set sail.

How to clear your mind and develop a creative mindset.

A strangely tragic love story.

A love song to Shanghai. Spanning over forty years, from the Cultural Revolution to the shift of market economy.

The first ever detailed biography of the drummer of the world's most famous rock'n'roll band.

The legislative initiative for cannabis legalisation is close to a breakthrough. But the secretary of state did not expect the project to have deadly opponents.

A great German family novel, based on the successful TV drama Das Adlon.

Meet Daisy. A picture of grace and dignity. Meet Harod. A disappointment...

13th book in this series and as fresh as the first.

The Second World War from the perspective of the last eyewitnesses.

Music. Our home. Our life and blood.

Over the last 1,000 years, the average surface air temperature in the Northern hemisphere had remained relatively constant - until industrialisation set in.

Kelsang Wangmo and the Women Revolutionizing Buddhism

We are profiled and categorized by complex systems, and have lost control of how our data is used.

An outlier's struggle to live and love in a society where privacy is history, examining hierarchies of caste and color.

Riding the waves.

By the age of forty we have lost at least 20 per cent of brain structure and it grows more difficult by the year to retain new information.

Eckhart did not care about the 'right' faith, he cared about true insight.

He who saves a single life saves the whole world.