We are profiled and categorized by complex systems, and have lost control of how our data is used.

Pure reading pleasure full of Icelandic charm - with lots of background information on the Icelandic banking crisis and the Panama Papers.

Beneath the surface of Eden lies our global ecological collapse.

Riding the waves.

By the age of forty we have lost at least 20 per cent of brain structure and it grows more difficult by the year to retain new information.

Happy people are more social, creative and productive.

How much good can you do before you do it all wrong?

Based on the previously unknown history of the resistance group at the Charité Hospital in Berlin

Seeing the world of autistic people in a new light.

'A major Indian writer' – New York Times

150 years of German history over four generations.

What is truth?

How could you transform a weakness into a strength?Often, what you consider an obstacle may be the quickest way to your goal.

If the oak comes out before the ash, ‘Twill be a year of mix and splash. If the ash comes out before the oak, ‘Twill be a year of fire and smoke.

The sensational biography about the famous surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch, including new facts about his influence on the Nazi regime and the resistance group at ...

When the targets are random, you could be next

Roger Federer. Multi-faceted global icon.

Want to be happy? Just be it!

How do you define a secular nothing into which you can drop anything?

Getting everything out of life is what they say. But shouldn't we fill our lives instead of emptying them?

Lost in translation.