This book presents a multitude of concrete measures that can help us limit global warming to under 2°C.

The story of a unique cultural movement that still fascinates and inspires generations of musicians and artists - and will inspire future sounds.

It is finally time to believe the childhood tales and treat them as facts begging to be researched.

The veracity and brutality of a relationship between mother and daughter.

Cause and effect? Or simply fate?

Selected writing from one of Egypt's most renowned digital revolutionaries.

Energy rather than stress.

Now or never, they said to themselves - and set sail.

A love song to Shanghai. Spanning over forty years, from the Cultural Revolution to the shift of market economy.

The consideration of emotions in medical treatments - a handbook by the bestselling author and pioneer of scientifically-based natural medicine.

An allegory of every war.

The quietly revolutionary act of learning, speaking, and living in Japanese.

How to clear your mind and develop a creative mindset.

The first ever detailed biography of the drummer of the world's most famous rock'n'roll band.

The legislative initiative for cannabis legalisation is close to a breakthrough. But the secretary of state did not expect the project to have deadly opponents.

A series of essays prompted by a single sentence exploring style, voice, and language, along with the subjectivity of reading.

A strangely tragic love story.

A great German family novel, based on the successful TV drama Das Adlon.