What remains of a person who suddenly and wordlessly leaves your life?

It was twenty years ago that Fido, without warning or explanation, broke off contact.And now, of all times, during an important expedition in Antarctica, Hanna receives an e-mail that summons memories of her closest friend from two decades ago. While a storm is gathering and the situation intensifying in this icy wasteland, Hanna can no longer avoid wrestling with all the unanswered questions . . .
'Hearing from you is the last thing I expected. Not here. Not now. Not in this way. All the same, I always asked myself how it would be to meet you face to face one more time. Whether I could muster the strength to turn around and leave without a word – or whether I still wanted you in my life.'

Now in the endless icy expanse all those unanswered questions come rushing back and cause Hanna to increasingly lose control. With tensions mounting among the personnel of her small research team and with a snowstorm threatening the success of their project, this South Pole expedition becomes not only a logistical but an emotional challenge.


»A story full of sensitivity.«
Le Monde

»Using a reduced language and vivid images WHITEOUT is an exceptional novel on how we live with unanswered questions.«

»WHITEOUT convinces with poetic strength and complexity. A moving novel about parting, repression and grief.«

»Anne von Canal is one of the most interesting contemporary authors of German fine fiction.«

»Succeeds in elegantly linking childhood with the present - gripping!«

»Sad and beautiful, quiet and melancholic.«

»Captivating like a thriller, highly emotional like a love story.«
Rheinische Post

»Showing clearly why memories and unanswered questions will not leave us.«

»Captivating, empathetic and strongly picturesque.«

»Dramatically well composed.«
Westfälische Nachrichten

»Holding the tension throughout, touching and melancholic.«

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Anne von Canal

was born in 1973 and received her university degree in Scandinavian and German studies. She worked ten years in the publishing industry and as a translator before dedicating herself to her own writing. She makes her home alternately in Hamburg and on the Moselle River. Her debut novel DER GRUND was a booksellers' love.