Unfog Your Mind
Change of Perspective for More Joie De Vivre and Vigour

Food for Thought for a More Conscious Everyday Life in Self-Responsibility and Presence.

We see the world not as it is, but as we are. Most of the things that muddle, spoil or mess up our everyday lives only exist in our minds. But they have anchored themselves deeply and deprive us of a vision of what makes life easy and worth living. Until Leander Greitemann lifts the heavy fog from our brains. With food for thought and stories. With practical tips and humour. With philosophy and psychology. And without excuses!
We can't change others, and we can't change certain situations even though we quite often try. We can however change ourselves. With a book that makes us aware of what we already know: by Doing in the way we want to do it - only much more blatant!
With apparent ease, Leander Greitemann leads you to the power hub: into your head. Whether you decide on a daily or even hourly basis if you should worry about obscuring your vision, or whether to switch to the mode that makes luck possible - and almost guaranteed – by the Bluebird mode.

Scientifically, and backed by personal experience and life hacks, Greitemann offers you twenty changes of perspective for an everyday life in which personal responsibility and self-reflection pave the way to joie de vivre and lightness. For satisfaction in partnership and work. For applied creativity. For light-mindedness.

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Leander Greitemann

Leander Govinda Greitemann, born in 1986, studied sociology, philosophy and business administration at the University of Mainz. During his studies he started his cooperation with the Institute for Applied Creativity, where he is associated as a partner since 2014. Since then, as a live philosopher in seminars and interactive impulse lectures, he inspires people to break out of their usual world view and offers ways to creatively deal with life's failures and dead ends. He is also a freestyle snowboarder, musician and hopeless optimist.

Further information, videos and dates for his public events: www.leandergovinda.de