Thinking Makes Us Happy
How to Lead a Fulfilling Life

Philosophy is a a way of making sense and a source of practical inspiration about how to live our lives.

How can we live good lives? And how can the way we think help us achieve this? These are questions that occupy us all - and they are also the cornerstones of any practical philosophy.
In their refreshingly down-to-earth guide, Katharina Ceming and Christa Spannbauer show how we can cultivate and practise a positive state of mind. Before we can access the riches of Eastern and Western philosophy they need to be translated into our language and modes of thought. A task the authors perform with great stylistic facility and expert knowledge of their material.
Their book features encounters with Diogenes and Seneca, Aristoteles and Mark Aurel, Lao Tzu, Confucius and Buddha, Arthur Schopenhauer and Immanuel Kant, Erich Fromm and Hannah Arendt, Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, Viktor Frankl and Martin Buber.An inspiring exchange with great thinkers about the art of the good life.


»Suitable for daily use! Western and Eastern philosophies, interwoven into a wise book about a good life.«

»Yes, your life is good!«

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Katharina Ceming

Prof Dr Dr Katharina Ceming is one of the most remarkable philosophical teachers as well as a theologian and has a doctorate in both disciplines. Her work as a sought-after speaker, coach and author is especially influenced by the 'Integral Theory' of the widely acclaimed American philosopher Ken Wilber.

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Christa Spannbauer

Christa Spannbauer lives in Berlin where she works as an author and freelance journalist. In her many publications and talks she looks at the Art of Living, and illustrates the modern-day relevance of traditional Eastern and Western philosophies to our daily lives.