The Stressed Soul
Naturopathy for Body and Emotions - How Emotions Affect Health - The 8-Week Program for Mental Strength

Cutting-Edge Research on the Complex Relationship Between Emotions and Physical Health

Feelings can change your life - whether that is the amazing happiness of bringing a child into the world, the butterflies that settle into your stomach when you fall in love, the sense of grief when you lose a partner, or the anger and powerlessness you feel at being at the mercy of something, such as climate change or the Coronavirus. These experiences imprint themselves on us as physical memories, and they can play a decisive role in whether we become sick or remain healthy.
Unresolved feelings are what drive many people to consult their doctors - these emotions hide behind physical symptoms for which there is no real physiological explanation. These patients will be treated - for headaches or stomachaches, for persistent inflammation or chronic fatigue. However, these treatments don’t actually help, since the medicines only mask the roots of the complaints. What can we do to track down our emotions without letting ourselves be overwhelmed by them or remaining trapped in the spiraling rut of negative feelings?

The new SPIEGEL bestseller by the bestselling author and German pioneer of scientifically-based natural medicine.
With an eight-week exercise program for greater mental strength.

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Gustav Dobos

Professor Dr. med. Gustav Dobos teaches natural healing and integrative medicine at the University of Duisburg-Essen, and heads up a specialist clinic at the Kliniken Essen-Mitte. In 2018, his successful first book Finally Pain Free and Able to Live a Good Life Again was published by Scorpio Verlag, followed by his SPIEGEL bestselling title The Stressed Heart in 2019.