The One-Armed Judoka
How to Turn Your Disadvantages Into Advantages and 49 More Creative Superpowers

The Obstacle is the Way: A Challenge Is Never the Problem, it Is the Solution.

Have stories of heroes fascinated you since childhood? Do creative ideas magically attract you? Do you wish you had such great ideas, too? Then you won’t want to put this book down. Fascinated by the idea of doing big things with little effort, Dominik Imseng dog-ears books on economic, advertising and world history, coaching and creative techniques.
He compiles stories for you that prove that there are no hopeless situations, but only unanswered questions. Stories that make you want to think over habits, to recognize opportunities – and that also give you the tools to do so. From corkscrew thinking to creative leverage.
And since good stories stick in your memory and good ideas take on lives of their own, you may soon be telling stories in which you are the creative hero.

Fascinated by the art of triumphing over challenges with smart ideas, Dominik Imseng collects creative heroes’ stories from antiquity to the present, from animal welfare to the music industry, from India to Braunschweig and from Frederick the Great to Alice Cooper. Imseng’s stories aren’t just fun to read, though. With his knowledge of creativity and lateral thinking, he also gives you the tools to succeed in spite of every adversity.

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Dominik Imseng

Dominik Imseng, born in 1968, studied philosophy, German and art history in Zurich. Having worked as a freelance journalist he switched to advertising, where he wrote up from intern to Creative Director. Dominik is now a creative management consultant in Zurich and regularly writes for the NZZ am Sonntag. He has written several books about advertising.