The Boy Who Felt Too Much
How a Renowned Brain Researcher and His Son Changed Our Image of Autism Forever.

Henry Markram is a world-renowned neuroscientist. But it is only when he becomes the father of an autistic son that he begins to doubt previous findings.

Henry Markram was one of the most famous brain researchers in the world when his autistic son Kai was born. Kai's birth changed everything. Questions and concerns suddenly entered the nursery between toys and baby lamps. His highly-respected essays helped less than the song book from which he sang to his son every night. Many years later, Markram had a breakthrough. His theses turned everything that was known about autism upside down.
The journalist Lorenz Wagner accompanied the family for several months and in this book tells a touching father-son story. Kai does not feel too little, his hearing, feelings and sight is too delicate for this world. He has to withdraw to protect himself from an excess of impressions. A theory that is gaining ever-more proponents.


»A moving father-son-story interspersed with elegant scientific prose about regions of the human brain, which are still terra incognita. Thoroughly researched and brilliantly written.«
Weser Kurier

»At the end of this brilliant reportage you have both read about an extraordinary family history as well as about the persistent, laborious, but highly vivid hunt for real knowledge.«
Der Falter

»Lorenz Wagner has written an impressive portrait and managed successfully to make at least partially comprehensible highly complex processes. A very interesting read.«
Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

»Touching and groundbreaking.«

»A book for those affected and for all who love literature.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»A wonderful book.«
NZZ am Sonntag

»This entire book is an appeal to the love of human variety, a resourceful vision of appreciating each and every one of our strengths. [Lorenz Wagner] casts a stimulating and encouraging view of our changing world.«
amazon reader

»Very personal and touching (...) conveys fascinating insights into the human brain. A captivating book that encourages.«
Bild der Wissenschaft

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Lorenz Wagner

Lorenz Wagner, born in 1970, studied literature and economics and is a journalist for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. Previously he was chief reporter of the Financial Times Germany and wrote for GEO. His reports have received numerous awards, including the Theodor Wolff Prize, the Herbert Quandt Media Prize and the Prix Franco-Allemand du Journalisme. One of the most prominent biographical profilers and report writers in Germany his report 'The Son Code' about Henry and Kai Markram rapidly became one of the most-read articles in the Süddeutsche Magazin. He lives with his family in Munich.