The Art of Creative Living
Mindfulness motivation

A Philosophical Elaboration on the Artist’s Way.

Creativity sets us apart from all other species on this planet: that urge and ability to reimagine the world. And yet, this special asset is talked about a lot more than it’s understood. What is creativity exactly? Where does it come from? And what stops us from fully tapping into it, achieving that ultimate goal of letting it flow freely from our minds out into the world? In short, what is the secret to a fulfilling creative life?
Equipped with key insights from philosophy, psychology, and zen mindfulness, Franz Berzbach demystifies our quest for creativity in a manner both accessible and profound. He meets readers where they are and invites them to delve deep into the mystery of our creative drive, why we so often hide from it, and how practice can help us build a happy life around it.

THE ART OF CREATIVE LIVING offers a holistic view of keeping a creative work-life-balance, exploring mindfulness, introspection, spirituality, and meaning.

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Frank Berzbach

Dr. Frank Berzbach, born in 1971, teaches psychology at the ecosign Academy for Design and Cultural Education at the Technical University of Cologne. He has worked as a scientist, journalist, bicycle courier, engeneering draftsman, in psychiatry and as a bookseller. He has been practising Zen for many years, but remains Catholic. He works on issues of mindfulness-based psychology, work psychology, creativity, spirituality, fashion, pop music and pop culture.
His two successful titles have been translated into several languages.