Small Gases - Big Effect: The Climate Change

Climate Change for Beginners - Written by Two Students. Backed up by 115 Scientists. Sold over 200,000 Copies.

The public debate on climate change is often all haywire. To understand what is actually a fact, there has so far been no way around thick scientific textbooks. Until now. When the students David Nelles and Christian Serrer could not find a book explaining the causes and consequences of climate change the easy way - they just wrote it themselves.

Together with the thorough research and the support of over 100 scientists SMALL GASES - BIG EFFECT summarises the current state of research on the causes and consequences of climate change. With scientific primary source backing up every statement all the texts are nonetheless easy to understand and even accompanied by informative illustrations. Self-published originally SMALL GASES - BIG EFFECT is a German bestseller with over 200,000 copies sold.


»Climate change has triggered a hurricane of contradictory claims and theses that obscure the facts. Explanations without blinkers, clear and obvious, are a shield against fake news. This amazing book delivers them.«
Dr. Claus Kleber, ZDF 'heute-journal'

»This book, written by two young people, manages to sum up a wealth of complex scientific findings in an understandable way - knowledge that we urgently need to shape our future.«
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

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German, David Nelles & Christian Serrer

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David Nelles

David Nelles studies Economics at Lake Constance in Germany.

Christian Serrer

Christian Serrer studies Economics at Lake Constance in Germany. Together with David Nelles the students have been given over 200 talks on the subject of Climate Change since the publication of their book and counting.SMALL GASES - BIG IMPACT has been nominated for the Salus Media Award 2019, the German Federal Association for Sustainability Award 2019 and the Selfpublishing Award 2019.