Roger Federer
Phenomenon. Enthusiast. Philanthropist.

Phenomenon Roger Federer. Legend. Mensch.

The tennis virtuoso Roger Federer strikes each ball with a watchmaker’s precision. Reaching far beyond being just a Swiss national saint, he is enthralling the masses across the world with his elegant style of play, his calm and his resilience. At 37, the father of four is still diligently increasing his stardom. He’s considered not just the best tennis player in history, but one of the greatest athletes of all time.

For the last twenty years, Zurich-based journalist Simon Graf has followed Federer’s triumphant journey through the great tennis arenas of the world. In this biography he answers the key questions: how did Federer become a Zen master of the courts? How did he maintain his love for the sport over all these years? Why does he owe eternal thanks to his rival, Rafael Nadal? How did he manage to stay so normal? And what can we learn from him?

Federer: hot-headed teenager, tennis genius, son, husband and father, inspiration, strategist, businessman, philanthropist, paragon of calm and gentility, regal, legend.


»Showing Federer in all his fascination Graf managed to successfully and in an entertaining way portrait Roger Federer beyond his athletic reputation.«

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Simon Graf

Simon Graf, born in 1971, studied History and German Literature and is a journalist for the 'Tagesanzeiger' and 'SonntagsZeitung'. As a sports journalist he has accompanied Roger Federer around the world.