Reykjavík Blues

Love, Passion and Where the Tantalizing Power of Money Can Lead You.

Christa has every reason to enjoy her retirement to the full now: Sixty years after her emigration to Iceland, her Icelandic family finally knows her secret and why she once came to the small island in the Norwegian Sea. Even the vindictive part of her clan has slowly forgiven the sprightly ninety-year-old her life's lie. But soon Christa turns the life of her loved ones on the head again, for nothing less than to see her beloved grandson Jón happy.


»Anne Siegel has created for Iceland what Elena Ferrante has achieved for Naples.«

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Anne Siegel

Anne Siegel is an award winning TV and radio journalist, filmmaker and writer. She has worked as a foreign correspondent in Israel and Palestine, produced features in Iceland, Denmark, Great Britain, the United States and North Africa. She is also the co-creator of several German comedy TV shows and in addition wrote, directed and produced a number of documentaries as well as video-installations and radio plays.