Resisting the Bull

Bullshit is everywhere. Why are we falling for it and how can we build up resistance against it?

In the age of digital media, we are confronted with lies, fake news, and conspiracy theories: bullshit is everywhere. The term stands for everything wrong, misleading, or merely so-called. With the viral spread of bullshit, especially in social networks, democracy is in danger. Philipp Hübl explains how tribal behavior and uncritical thinking make us susceptible to bullshit and why we should not care less about the facts. It shows how we can become more resistant, more resilient, to protect ourselves. RESISTING THE BULL in the Enlightenment tradition means: 'The responsibility for the truth lies with each individual.'


»I immensely enjoyed reading your book.«
Giovanni di Lorenzo, editor-in-chief DIE ZEIT, in 3nach9, Radio Bremen

»How to find truth and clarity amidst all the rubbish the Internet yields. A practical pocket almanac.«
Berliner Zeitung

»Funny and knowledgeable.«

»[Philipp Hübl] bids farewell to trendy gut feelings in favor of the sober mind.«
Philosophie Magazin

»A very important book, easy to read and understand despite the difficult subject.«
Bonner Generalanzeiger

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Philipp Hübl

Philipp Hübl was associate professor at the University of Stuttgart of theoretical philosophy and previously taught at RWTH Aachen University and Humboldt University Berlin. Hübl studied philosophy and linguistics in Berlin, Berkeley, New York, and Oxford. He writes about social and political topics, for DIE ZEIT, FAZ, taz, NZZ and the online editions of 'El País' and 'Irish Times'. Philipp Hübl is a Fulbright-Scholar and Scholar of the German National Merit Foundation and lives as philosopher and author in Berlin.RESISTING THE BULL is a SPIEGEL Bestseller.