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Quantum Dawn

A rapid, intelligent thriller set in the international world of finance with an alarmingly realistic nightmare scenario.

The unexplained death of an investment banker leads Scotland Yard officer Rebecca Winter to Federal Intelligence Service Agent and Cryptologist Erik Feg. He deciphers a code capable of rigging the automated trading systems at stock exchanges all over the world. Winter and Feg get caught up in the conflict of a group of 'gentlemen', who have insinuated themselves into the power houses in Brussels in order to implement a secret plan. What at first looks like the criminal machinations of a few unscrupulous bankers soon turns out to be the onset of a global battle for monetary hegemony.

Political scientist Thore D. Hansen combines insider knowledge of the international financial world with high tension and stylistic finesse. It is this mixture of government debt, fragile world economy, overvalued equities and organized hysteria and last but not least the inability of the responsible parties to regain primacy of politics, which is truly breathtaking. As it can be our reality tomorrow.

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Thore D. Hansen

born in 1969, is a political journalist and communications consultant. A sought-after media expert for international politics and secret service he has decided to fully concentrate on exploring unsolved aspects of contemporary history - to then turn them into fiction.