Like Sherbet on the Tongue
Being Happy is Beyond Aging

Life is becoming better every day - if we take the responsibility for our very own happiness.

The pure joy of being alive is Greta Silver's contagious credo. At 70 she feels she's in the prime of her life. Moreover, she wouldn't want to be a day younger: life's constantly becoming lighter, more exciting and creative.
'This age makes me so happy. It's so colourful. I'd never have dreamt it would be like this when I was younger. Every morning I wake up with the joy of the new day flowing through me. What wonderful things will this day bring? I'm glad that the hustle-bustle from earlier is over and I only do what I enjoy doing. I don't have to do things - I want to do them. That's the difference. There's no more rushing through my day. I can do what I want. And I want so much - what's more I don't have to steal time to get it; my time is all my own.'
At 66, Greta Silver launched her YouTube channel 'Too Young for Old Age'. With hundreds of thousands of hits, she's long become the doyenne for people wishing to discover the joy of living - playfully and full of verve. The more than 350 clips spark waves of enthusiasm and open up whole new perspectives.


»With practical examples from everyday life Greta Silver vividly creates a manual for a zest for life - inspirational and empowering. For all generations!«

»It takes no little courage to put yourself centre-stage, especially when you're 70 years old. Greta Silver has that courage. What's more, she's completely at peace with herself and this shines through.«

»How beautiful, cool and happy one can look at 70.«
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»One immediately likes Greta Silver - she's just so upbeat!«
Frankfurter Rundschau

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Greta Silver

Greta Silver took the responsibility for her happiness into her own hands from early on. She lifts the lid old age as an exhilarating stage, when life experience bears fruit and the hubbub of younger years with its stress and time pressure is over. A classic model, inspirer, YouTuber with over 2 mio of clicks, the entrepreneur, mother andgrandmother of three emboldens and inspires with her zest for life. Greta Silver works as a speaker and is the lead of the new podcast 'Happiness is a decision' by BRIGITTE, Germany's most widely-read quality women's magazine.