Intermittent Principle
The Art of Finding the Right Rhythm

The Successful Principle of Intermittent Fasting, Applied to Other Areas of Life.

What if we were to apply the massively successful principle of intermittent fasting to our daily lives?

If we return to a healthy rhythm that works with our lives rather than against them, we would feel more relaxed and more creative, and would also have the confidence to overcome the inevitable tricky phases. Having the right rhythm is the most important source of energy and vitality.

If you want to understand your own personal rhythm, then you’ve found the perfect book. Carola Kleinschmidt is a professional stress management coach who specialises in preventing burnout. Her book is based on the very latest research, and will become your own personal coach as you find your way to a newly rebalanced life.

Packed with training exercises, inspirational questions, tests and check-lists which will make it fun to get stuck straight in to incorporating all you have learnt into your daily life.

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Carola Kleinschmidt

Carola Kleinschmidt is a Biologist and author. She is also a stress management coach, specialising in stress prevention and ways to live a satisfying and meaningful life in the modern world.
She doesn’t see herself as someone who has all the answers but, rather, as an expert in communication. This shines through in her book, which is conceived and structured as if were a conversation with a good friend. Packed with inspiration and helpful ideas.