Get Moving! And Your Brain Says Thank You
How We Can Become Smarter, Think Better and Protect Ourselves Against Dementia

Anti-Aging for Our Brain: The latest findings of neuroscience explained in a fun way.

The brain is our most important organ: this is where thinking, feeling, recalling and learning are centrally controlled. But we pay much less attention to our brain that to our body, although science has shown that how we maintain and improve our brain's performance is decisive for a healthy and long life.
Neurolinguist Dr. Manuela Macedonia explains the positive effects that regular exercise has on our brain.
Plus: simple tips and tricks for preventing stress symptoms, overweight, depression and dementia.


»If you’re only going to read one book about the brain, go for this one! (voted Best Book 2018)«
Mindfulness Academy

»Thrilling and vividly told. Recommended to anyone needing a boost of motivation to overcome their inner bastard, and to anyone curious about the processes regular exercise triggers in the brain.«
Spektrum der Wissenschaft (***** Tip of the Month)

»Neuroscientist Manuela Macedonia’s new book is a plea for exercise.«

»Clearly explained with instantaneous motivation.«

»The benefits of regular excercise on our brain - told in a fun way, comprehensible and with a pinch of humour!«

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Manuela Macedonia

Manuela Macedonia completed her PhD on applied linguistics and worked at the Max Planck Institute for cognitive and neuroscience in the field of Sensorimotor Learning. She is Professor of Neuro-Information Systems at the University of Linz. She herself runs nearly every day - not for her figure, as she stresses, but for her brain.