Awareness of Form
The Interconnection of Everyday Things

An intelligent case for dealing mindfully with oneself and others - a love letter to life.

We are quick to dismiss questions of everyday life as commonplace, synonymous with 'banal'. Yet everyday life makes up most of the time of our lives! The form that we lend the everyday decides whether the next big thing - and ultimately life - is successful.

Frank Berzbach illuminates everyday things and gives them back their fundamental meaning. Knowlingly and mindfully, he looks at the form of possessions and restrictions, the form of food and apparel. He wisely demonstrates that love is not an emotion, but an action, and that our use of media shapes our image of the world.

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Frank Berzbach

Dr. Frank Berzbach, born in 1971, teaches psychology at the ecosign Academy for Design and Cultural Education at the Technical University of Cologne. He has worked as a scientist, journalist, bicycle courier, engeneering draftsman, in psychiatry and as a bookseller. He has been practising Zen for many years, but remains Catholic. He works on issues of mindfulness-based psychology, work psychology, creativity, spirituality, fashion, pop music and pop culture.
His two successful titles have been translated into several languages.