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An intimate snapshot of the relationship between men and women in contemporary society, claustrophobic, fast-paced and sparkling with wit.

AURORA follows two men and a woman fighting their way through a snow storm in an unusual vehicle - a tank - in order to reach a woman in labour on Christmas Eve. Tamara is on board as a midwife. Ole, a journalist, desperately needs a good story. Eric, who is driving the tank, is following his own agenda. After a while, Ole and Tamara begin to doubt Eric’s story. When the tank gets stuck in a snowdrift, Ole realizes where he can find the big story he so urgently needs: in the psyche of his travelling companions.


'Three desperate people and a whole social cosmos in a tank - an intriguing and entertaining reading experience!'

'A fast-paced, surprising and entertaining novel with directions from darkness to light as side effect. As where the day is clear, seals are basking in the sun and seagulls shriek, paradise can not be far.'

'Alternative Christmas story meets intelligent thriller in this fast-paced novel with a clever take on contemporary dynamics between men and women. (...) AURORA plays on Scandi noir conventions while adding humorous and personal brushstrokes to the crime plot, which turns out not to be a crime at all. The novel handles big questions - the 'crisis' of masculinity, the pressure of fertility and the desire to fit in - with a light touch. These elements combine to produce a rich and exciting read which is difficult to put down.'

Reh Sascha

Sascha Reh, born in 1974, studied History, Philosophy and German Literature in Bochum and Vienna. He has been honored with several prizes and scholarships, amongst which the Ruhr Literature Prize Lower Rhine Literature Award. Sascha Reh lives with his family in Berlin.