Michael Fehr

© Affolter/Savolainen

born in 1982, grew up in Muri near Bern (Switzerland). He studied at the Swiss Literature Institute and at Bern University of the Arts where he got his Master degree in Contemporary Arts Practice. He is the Swiss project manager of 'Babelsprech' for the promotion of young German speaking poetry. In 2014 Fehr won the Kelag Prize and the Prize of the Automatische Literaturkritik in Klagenfurt, with an excerpt from SIMELIBERG, convincing the jury with his »extreme modernity«. Michael Fehr is severely visually impaired and dictates his work, hence creating a unique oeuvre of incomparable poetical and musical qualities.


Bayern 2 Wortspiel Prize 2015
Literature Prize of the canton Bern 2015
Federwelt Prize of the Automatische Literaturkritik 2014
Kelag Prize 2014 at the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition