Gerald Hüther

© Josef Fischnaller

Boosting brain power is a big topic at the moment – in management, education and for a worldwide ageing population. From untapping the hidden potential of employees to better early learning in schools, renowned German neuroscientist Dr Dr Gerald Hüther calls for a radical new approach to improving brain activity and challenges current educational methods, calling for less hard studying and more enjoyment in learning, arguing that joy and devotion can improve the way our brains function. His groundbreaking guide to how the brain works 'The Human Brain. A Manual' was published recently in its 15th edition. The author of numerous bestsellers, Hüther's books have been translated into several languages worldwide. Hüther is a regular commentator in german-language media and speaker at international conferences. Gerald Hüther also is founder of the initiative 'Schools in Change', 'The Cultural Change Code' and currently working to building his 'Academy for Potential Development' in Germany.